Ann and Waan made some mockup test to see the effect of the overhanging roof

Here a 3D impression of the house and garden.

Time for an update: Waan and Ann have been working on our house and garden plans. A lot has changed in the layout and the first impression of the roof and volumes has been made:


We finally found our Architect: Waan lives in Chiang Rai and is starting her own business so we are her first project. Of coure she has experience working in bigger companies in Singapore but now starts her own companies with a friend.

She managed to make us exited with her first plans and after a meeting we decide to go for it together. We will post the updates here but for now some mood pictures and floorplans that gave us the good feeling.


Although we made 3Ddrawings from our floor plan, it seemed a good idea to make the house position and the size of the rooms a bit more real.

So we bought some rope and wood...


Our first inspiration was a Thai architect:
Here an example of his holiday house