Category: Land

  • Drone shots

    We just received some drone shots from our property and it makes it easier to understand and see our location:
  • Looking for trees

    We want a lot more trees on our land to give shade in the hot season so we went to…
  • Google satellites

    Google made an update to their satellite images in Google maps. Now clearly showing our fresh earth fill:(under the blue…
  • More cutting

    And just a few weeks later we need more help......
  • Expanding jungle

    John and Pom (our neighbors) send some pictures how the jungle from our land is creeping into theirs. Lucky enough…
  • Raining season

    We just got some pictures in. Clearly the raining season was good for the plants...... Onlu a short time after…
  • Land raise

    The order for raising the land was given. Due to the small road we will only be able to use…
  • Land transfer

    Thanks to the help of the family we got the land transferred to our name. 5 years of land searching,…