Information about our property

Our property is close to Chiangmai in the north of Thailand. About 25 km over a 2 lane road up into the mountains, then through the gate (picture 2) down a narrow path through the village. All the way at the end we bought the piece on the left side. The little white holiday house is next to it and belongs to an Englishman. The total space is about 1600m2 with high hills around it on two sides.
Our water comes from the mountain river and electricity is already there. The village is in the middle of a nature area. Well protected and next to us is a (Royal) private monastery. Nothing else than 2 rivers and mountains in the area. The airport is close by and on the same side of the city but the big Doi Suthep mountain is in between, so no noise or pollution there. There are no big shops in the area but it is a touristic road, with resorts, little restaurants, strawberry fields and fruit stalls. A few kilometers up the road there are some tribes living that do elephant trekkings and they wash there elephants everyday around 13:00 in the river. Ever been swimming with 20 elephants?

In the village it is a mix of rich Thais with big villa's, holiday homes and a lot of mixed couples. All people that come there for nature and quietness. Most houses are build 'Lana' style. Big overhanging roofs and small windows to keep the house cool. Lots of dark wood too. Since our property is almost the whole day in the shade of the hills and trees around it (we only get sunrise sun straight into the house), we plan to build far more open. We will try to integrate inside and outside more like you see on the "Mood" pictures we are collecting.
One floor only. And yes we plan to build two guest rooms so you are always welcome there.

More info will be added here later.

Entrance from the main road (no 1269) opposite Flora Creek resort