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  • Concrete steps

    Concrete steps

    Time has gone quickly and so did the build. We are still right on track with the planning. There is…
  • Guest rooms and pool

    The guestroom foundation has been done in a wink. Thanks to the crew working 7 days a week most of…
  • Tube-dance


    With the help of the family we started with the prep for the electrics before the floors can be poured.Large…
  • Water-tap

    Water-well drilling

    we needed our own water-well. Just dig a few meters and there is water but it might not be the…
  • Going horizontal

    Slowly we are moving from 2 meter vertical under the ground up to the horizontal beams. An immense amount of…
  • Footings

    Structural work has started

    In December 2021 we started the work, finally. Of course a lot of digging, metal work toe setup all the…
  • Lucky day

    Finally we came over to Thailand and started the build. One of the first steps is a ceremony called "Lucky…
  • House at night

    Settling in

    We moved in the Chalet. More work than expected to get a decent place build up from scratch but we…