Concrete steps


Time has gone quickly and so did the build. We are still right on track with the planning. There is a Songkran holiday break so time for an update.
We have made big steps but is was a lot of work. A lot of time went into the swimming pool. The swimming pool walls needed strong steel frames that had to be lifted in and out with a crane. It needs special concrete with precise timing and everything has to wait longer before removal.

Some of the pipework had to be in place before we could pour but in the end it worked out well
In the meantime more materials arrived: steel for the garage and rebar for the floors.

I had to play plumber to do some work on our water well, ever seen a 50 year old car like this:

After the pouring we could start working on the floors of the house because all the left over sand / fill could get back in place.

Unfortunately we had some heavy rain in the middle of the hot season. Good for nature but a lot of earth has been sinking, creating holes in many places just before we wanted to start pouring the floors. Lucky that was all fixed and we got a large concrete floor. It took about 22 truckload for two days to get it all done. Finally we can walk through all spaces without sharp steel pins sticking out.

The next step after drying, was setting up more columns of different sizes. And because it was raining very hard that day, the crane could not make it up to our steep mountain road so it became handwork the whole day. Bucket after bucket went in but the results are fine.

The next phase is making the concrete slabs for the roof of the entrance and guestrooms. Those have different heights so we start with the lower two and will fill in the higher one after that.

First the bamboo was delivered and made into a system to hold the heavy concrete supports. Then on top of the columns there are again beams between the poles.

As a side project we also worked on the workshop / garage roof, all steel welding has been done. We have selected the roofing sheets that will be installed somewhere at the end of this month. Hopefully there will be a team to fix the walls too because the building blocks came all the way from Bangkok and are ready to be processed.

Before pouring the swimming pool
Swimming pool concrete done.
All concrete floors (except the office) are done. Around the pool will be an outside walkway
The start of the (concrete) roof above the entrance and guest room 2
Concrete steps

Time has gone quickly and so did the build. We are still right on track with the planning. There is a Songkran holiday break so time for an update.We have made big steps but is was a lot of work. A lot of time went into the swimming pool. The swimming pool walls needed strong […]

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Guest rooms and pool

The guestroom foundation has been done in a wink. Thanks to the crew working 7 days a week most of the time. Next up is the swimming pool construction. More digging and more sand to store somewhere because most of it will have to go back into.Some drone shots to get an idea of the […]

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With the help of the family we started with the prep for the electrics before the floors can be poured.Large rolls of HDPE pipe needed to be entangled and forced into more or less straight objects. Not easy with 100mtr rolls and some also heavy. Lucky we have a private road of that length and […]

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Water-well drilling

we needed our own water-well. Just dig a few meters and there is water but it might not be the best for showering etc. So we hired a company to do the paperwork for the permission and the 'extra' payments to the people in charge and got the permission in 6 weeks. Time for action. […]

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Going horizontal

Slowly we are moving from 2 meter vertical under the ground up to the horizontal beams. An immense amount of work of laying beds, then the steel rebar, al made on location. Then this gets boxed in and filled with more concrete. The main building was already around 20 trucks.Next week the digging of the […]

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Structural work has started

In December 2021 we started the work, finally. Of course a lot of digging, metal work toe setup all the rebar and then fill back everything so only some poles sticking out, hiding the enormous amount of work done under the ground.While digging we found a lot of round rocks, clearly left overs from a […]

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Lucky day

Finally we came over to Thailand and started the build. One of the first steps is a ceremony called "Lucky Day" connected to the first poles made and connected to the bedroom. They were quickly setup and we had an hour long special ceremony to celebrate this important beginning. All connected to the number nine, […]

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Settling in

We moved in the Chalet. More work than expected to get a decent place build up from scratch but we got in done with a few days shopping.We also had a lot of meeting The planning was made with the builder, we will start soon and the 'Lucky Day" (ceremony for the first columns and […]

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Finally a signature

After years of waiting and fighting we finally got our building permit signed. A big relief and also big thank you to all the people who helped us getting to this stage. We arrived in Thailand and will start with the build soon.

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Light at the end of the tunnel

Finally after many years running into problems (we can not mention the names) and a lot of bureaucracy we are now back to were we where in March 2018. All building papers supplied again to the Tessabaan for that famous last signature on our building permit, they kept from us all those years. A local […]

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