Water-well drilling

we needed our own water-well. Just dig a few meters and there is water but it might not be the best for showering etc. So we hired a company to do the paperwork for the permission and the ‘extra’ payments to the people in charge and got the permission in 6 weeks. Time for action.

They arrived with two trucks, one with the drill on it and one with a huge aircompressor. A five man crew and then the mud bath started because our land is mainly clay and they use a lot of water. Not a good combination as it turned out. Their truck got stuck a few times but we pulled it out with our 40+ years old Land Rover.

They could not finish the first two drilling’s in the preferred spots and we had to accept another location as the maximum reachable with their sinking truck. At the same time they managed to damage several pieces of our new concrete beams. Saying that they were not very careful is clearly an understatement….

We already knew we had a rocky place, probably a former riverbed. We already got a lot of nice round rocks out of the ground but the drillers had to go through some and that turned out to be a difficult thing and time consuming. We never anticipated having them around for days, creating a mud-bath on the lawn of the neighbours.

But after they got a new drill they found the water pocket at 24mtr and although the waterdrilling permit says between 60 and 120meter it seemed ok for everyone with a proper report.
Indeed lots of water but don’t be fooled by the video, it blasts up because they use compressed air for the drilling. The final tap has a pump inside the tube that will kick in when needed with a remote control. But the water is clear, no smell and tastes a little earthy but not much. After running for a few hours we will send some out for testing but it all looks good. Another step done. Time to clean-up the mess and enjoy the fresh water flow.

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