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  • Mockup tests

    Ann and Waan made some mockup test to see the effect of the overhanging roof
  • The almost final design

    Here a 3D impression of the house and garden.
  • map

    Route description

    In Thai: In English: Our land is on the mountain road number 1269. (extension of the 3rd ring road around…
  • Progress September 2016

    Time for an update: Waan and Ann have been working on our house and garden plans. A lot has changed…
  • Amsterdam tour

    A small tour through our current house in Amsterdam https://vimeo.com/261708258
  • planA

    Meet Waan

    We finally found our Architect: Waan lives in Chiang Rai and is starting her own business so we are her…
  • Drone shots

    We just received some drone shots from our property and it makes it easier to understand and see our location: