Looking for trees

We want a lot more trees on our land to give shade in the hot season so we went to Mae On for some research:


we found trees that are already 30 years old but that comes at a price.

Even the holy tree is sold here:

Prices ranged from 100.000 baht to a more modest 5.000baht all including transport and planting.

It became clear that the idea to grow something small while we are waiting for the build, is not a good idea. It turns out that the trees need a few month of daily water spraying and that going to be hard. I am used to make automated sprinklers but we don’t have electricity or a safe place to put the system.


So we will leave the growing to the professional and be patient with our desire for big trees.

ON the way back we also checked out the flower market behind the Tesco Lotus in the north of CM:

A lot of choice but not my style….



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