Land transfer


Thanks to the help of the family we got the land transferred to our name. 5 years of land searching, 3 years of dreaming about this piece and it finally became reality. Thanks to the low exchange rate of the baht compared to last year is was also worth the wait.

Next step will be to raise the land so the water doesn't transform it to a pool in the rainy season. Our land can only be reached by small trucks which makes it more time consuming. Tomorrow a construction company will take a look and make a quote.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Finally after many years running into problems (we can not mention the names) and a lot of bureaucracy we are now back to were we where in March 2018. All building papers supplied again to the Tessabaan for that famous last signature on our building permit, they kept from us all those years. A local […]

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June 2020 update

A lot of time has passed but we are still stuck in Thai burocracy. A local guy in the village refuses to stick to the law for years now. We went there for an explanation but did not get one. He also keeps making new rules we should stick too At the same time, we […]

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In December we thought the building permit would be there soon....We started measuring the foundation of the house. Interesting because the whole design was based on a map we got earlier and turned out to be larger than it was for real. So the house did not fit and we will need to shrink the […]

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Update May 2019

Finally a little good news: Golf and team have been making our electricity and sanitary designs and delivered the first version. It took 1.5 year but we are glad we get some motion forward. At the same time we got a quote for the 'raw' build, meaning foundation, roof and walls, which will already eat […]

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Building permit

We finally got news that our building permit is available in the first week of April. We are getting closer to our start of building, now planned for November.

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Land survey done

The Land Office did a land survey and placed 'official' land markers on our property. Hopefully this will lead to an offical 'Chanotte' paper.One more important step done.

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Update Jan 2018

Sinds there is a 'witch' hunt going on for people building in nature areas, encroaching forest areas, we went to the land office to check if we are OK. Everything seemed just ok but just. So we are now aiming for the highest level of ownership papers "Chanotte" and hope they will not destroy our […]

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Drone shots

We just received some drone shots from our property and it makes it easier to understand and see our location:

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Looking for trees

We want a lot more trees on our land to give shade in the hot season so we went to Mae On for some research:

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Google satellites

Google made an update to their satellite images in Google maps. Now clearly showing our fresh earth fill:(under the blue marker   UPDATE: Google has renewed the sattelite image, it now includes our green land and the neighbourse buildings. It must be less than a year old . Bit higher resolution too. Our co-ordinates: 18.777922, 98.860043 […]

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