Light at the end of the tunnel

Finally after many years running into problems (we can not mention the names) and a lot of bureaucracy we are now back to were we where in March 2018. All building papers supplied again to the Tessabaan for that famous last signature on our building permit, they kept from us all those years. A local election was needed to shift the puppets and give another chance.

The good news is that we met so many nice people trying and helping with all the paperwork we are still looking forward to be part of that community in Chiang Mai.
Our builder is ready to start the groundwork and we have booked our tickets. Yes we even take the week in quarantine for granted to be back. Let’s hope we can profit from the dry season starting at the end of this month.

We also rented the small house next to our property to live there during the build. Perfect to sit and work on the balcony while the house rises.

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