June 2020 update

A lot of time has passed but we are still stuck in Thai burocracy. A local guy in the village refuses to stick to the law for years now. We went there for an explanation but did not get one. He also keeps making new rules we should stick too

At the same time, we are trying to combine our plots of land into one with the top paper rights (Chanotte) and although everybody assures us all is fine, they combined it with some other changes between the forest department and the natural park department. That seems to drag on and on. We were already in touch with the officers in Chiang Mai but now also Bangkok needs to do research. They feel a little heat and did ask us to call back end of this month. In short, no progress yet despite calling and visiting so many times. It’s frustrating but let’s make it an exercise in patience. Not the best example for Thailand but fair to say the most people try to do their best and try to explain what takes so long. Now it just needs this one village head to obey the laws….

Last year November we were already setting out the foundation but had to cancel again. Let’s hope we can start at the end of this years

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